2015 Dance Season, A Summary

Hey y’all,

As is standard for me, I’ve neglected this blog for the past 5 months… January to May is the busiest time for the company at this point. BUT! We’re finally at the end of a very intense 6 weeks of dance competitions, and I have to admit, I’m glad to have a couple of weeks for a break. I have nothing exciting to say really except a huge, heartfelt thank you to Natalie and Christine at En Pointe & Just Dance, as well as Jessica and Todd at REAL Dance Competition for trusting me and my company to capture your competitions week after week. I’m truly humbled by the response that I have received from you guys, dancers and parents alike. Thank you for letting me live my dream.

Now that I have a bit of breathing time over the summer, I hope to be able to blog some images from some of the many exciting competitions/shows/events I’ve been able to capture over the past year. Stay tuned!

I will leave ya’ll with a few (a ton) of photos that we captured during the past 6 weekends and 8 dance competitions. Enjoy! (Please note that all photos are Copyright Danielle Earl Photography and may not be copied or reproduced without permissions. Doing so is considered stealing.)

DRE_0025 DRE_0380 DRE_0284 2 DRE_0283 DRE_0228 2 DRE_0202 DRE_0171 DRE_0144 DRE_0122 DRE_0118 DRE_0113 DRE_0098 DRE_0078 DRE_0068 DRE_0060 DRE_0046 DRE_0043 DRE_0025 DRE_0020 DRE_0020 2 DRE_0013 2 DRE_0010 DRE_0009 DRE_0004 DRE_0029 2 DRE_0015 DRE_0013 _DRE0151 _DRE0035 DRE_0178 DRE_0130 DRE_0121 DRE_0115 DRE_0045 DRE_0329 DRE_0322 DRE_0266 DRE_0241 DRE_0228 DRE_0186 DRE_0177 DRE_0168 DRE_0158 DRE_0135 DRE_0114 DRE_0086 2 DRE_0041 DRE_0039 DRE_0035 DRE_0038 DRE_0012 DRE_0012 2 DRE_0298 DRE_0248 DRE_0209 DRE_0195 DRE_0189 DRE_0104 DRE_0031 DRE_0002 DRE_0178 DRE_0059 DRE_0038 DRE_0033 DRE_0026

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Looking Forward, Looking Back. Welcome to 2015.

Hey ya’ll.

2014 was, in all intents and purposes, one of the best years of my life. I know that people say that pretty much every year – I’m pretty sure I said it myself last year during my year end wrap up – but honestly, this was the biggest, most exciting year for me as a business.

I’m no good at writing blogs, but I wanted to sit down and really thank you – yes YOU reading this – for the support and encouragement you have given me this year. Not everything was easy this year. I had to learn a lot about what owning a business and being “the boss” means.  I had to say goodbye to one of my longest friendships (Note: sometimes you shouldn’t hire your friends, no matter how strong you think your friendship is). I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if it was worth it, was I going to be able to support myself as an adult at some point in time. There were times when I wanted to pack it all in, enroll in a general arts program and do the “normal” education thing because I was so busy and there were so many people who needed something from me I was beyond overwhelmed.

You know what I started to figure out in 2014? It’s going to be okay.

Being a boss isn’t easy. You have to make tough decisions, stand your ground and fight for what you want your business to represent. Sometimes you have to let go of control and trust that your people will make you proud. But, as it turns out, I like that. I like continually striving to be better. I like hearing comments from you guys about my wonderful photographers. It makes me feel so proud.

Saying goodbye to a 10 year friendship. Not fun, not easy. On the other side of it though, I’ve come to realize that I’m happier, less stressed and enjoying my business so much more. It’s not okay to let yourself compromise or be pushed over for the sake of a friendship. I want you all to know that you are better than that and you deserve more. In 2014, I learned that. It’s like a huge weight off your shoulders.

As for being able to support myself in the future. Who knows. I hope so. All I can do is take it one day at a time and count my blessings as I go. So many amazing things happened this year, and it’s honestly all thanks to YOU.

In 2014 I got to witness the 2014 Olympic team be chosen, I spend more nights in hotels than I can count, I burnt a million calories laughing with my people, I started to photograph dance competitions, I did my very first competition in Quebec, I went to Kelowna for my first international competition, I went to PARIS and Bordeaux for the first time, I got to photograph CHALLENGE. Most importantly, I met so many skaters, parents and coaches who were supportive and encouraging and kind and just plain LOVELY. When I meet you guys and hear how you appreciate photos and learn about you as people, it reassures my why I’m doing this. It’s not just about my personal love of taking photos. It’s much more than that. It’s about making connections with you, following your path through the skating world, celebrating your successes and trying to build you up after rough performances.

One of my favourite moments of 2014 was in December at Challenge. A mom of a skater who I met last year at Minto Summer Skate came over with tears in her eyes and thanked me, in her limited English, for taking such beautiful photos of her daughter. This was one moment of hundreds that made my heart so happy and my mind so sure that this was why I’m doing this “photo thing”; to capture those fleeting moments of skaters and dancers and now gymnasts doing what they love so fully.

Thank you. For allowing me to show you what freedom and joy look like. I’m so excited to see what 2015 has in store for you, for me, for the sports we love.

So maybe I’m no good at writing my thoughts down in a cohesive way. But I wanted to try. Because I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your support so much. I also have to thank the wonderful group of people that work for me; Maddie, Jenni, Kris, Kristy, Irene, Paul, Jeff, Sydney. I wouldn’t be anything without you guys.

See you in a rink/theatre somewhere soon!

xoxo Danielle


A few weeks ago was the annual Octoberfest competition run by the Barrie Skating Club and Mariposa School of Skating. What an event! It was one of the largest I’ve ever photographed (definitely the longest – it started on Wednesday!) This year the event also coincided with the inaugural Skate Canada Autumn Classic International. It was pretty great for the Octoberfest competitors to be able to go watch all the international competitors compete right in the same building as they were competing! A unique experience for sure!

Here are a few photos from the Octoberfest event. If you would like to view more, or see your own skater, you can visit my website (www.danielleearlphotography.com) or click HERE to do so. The photos are still available for purchase if you would like as well! 🙂

DRE_0023 DRE_0025 DRE_0029 DRE_0033 DRE_0063 DRE_0075 DRE_0076 DRE_0087 DRE_0097 DRE_0110 DRE_0146 DRE_0246

Octoberfest Photo Draw!

Are you going to be attending Octoberfest competition in Barrie, October 15-19th? Would you like the opportunity to win FREE photos? Great!

All you have to do is purchase a USB of your photos at Octoberfest and your name will be entered into a draw to WIN your photos at a future competition of your choice.

Each program you purchase = 1 entry, so if you skate a short and long then you have the chance to earn 2 entries! This also applies to siblings.

The draw will take place on Monday, October 20th, 2014 and will be announced on this Facebook page and by e-mail. Depending on how many entries there are, up to two winners may be drawn.

See you soon!! Good luck!

Octoberfest Photo Draw

Autumn Skate & Skate Ontario Super Series Final

This year was the first year that Skate Ontario hosted a Super Series of skating for competitive skaters to earn bursaries. To earn a bursary, skaters needed to compete in two summer competitions in Ontario (or Quebec and select U.S. Competitions). The highest placing 12 skaters in each category from Pre-Novice to Senior all earned a spot in the Super Series Final which was held October 3-5th in Ottawa. The event was held at the brand new Richcraft East Sensplex in Gloucester. The rinks were bright and beautiful and the lighting was amazing for photos.

My amazing team this weekend included Kris Germann, Kristy Wills and myself on camera, and Irene Earl and Maddie Germann on desk!

If you missed out on looking at or purchasing your photos, don’t worry! They are available HERE! Below you can see a few examples of the awesome moments that were captured this weekend!

Abby_Linton Zach_Daleman-1 Yasmeen_Danny-2 Yasmeen_Danny-1 Vivian_Xia Victoria_George-3 Victoria_George-2 Vanessa_Camarata Tyalor_Brand Tiana_Michalska Taylor_Hunsey-2 Sydney_Yen Sophie_Fu-1 Shaundra_Buelow Semi_Won-1 Selena_Fortin SarahMaude_Blanchard-1 Sara_McHugh Samantha_Hollands Sabrina_Lafontaine Rosamarie_Gauthier-1 Rachel_LaFleche-2 Olivia_Grayson-1 NourHouda_Foura Natalie_Walker-2 Natalie_DAlessandro-1 Mira_Alexander-2 Melina_Mancini-1 Melina_Gabriel-2 Melanie_Spowart Megan_StAmour-1 Megan_Matthew Megan_Jake-2 Megan_Jake-1 Maysie_Poliziani-2 Maya_Antoun Marjorie_Zachary-2 Marjorie_Paquette Marin_Taylor Marika_Brunet-2 MarieEve_Lemieux Marie Joelle_Boudreau Maria_Pavlova-1 Mairi_Liska Madison_McAllister Mackenzie_Paxton-2 Lydia_Mazur Lindsay_Jefferson Lily_Li Liam_McKenzie-1 Laurence_Fortin Laura_Grasmeyer Kim_Nguyen Kiara_Hartnell Kensie_Treacy Kaylee_Directo Katrine_Cloutier Katie_MacEachern Katherine_Spence-2 Joshua_Dore Josh_Allen-1 Jordan_Collacutt Jon_Kubelka Jessica_NgSiva-2 Jason_Tran Jasmine_Liu-2 Jarrett_Melanson-2 James_Morgan-1 Isabella_Faraone Hugo_Li-2 Hannah_Kreft Hannah_Kim-2 Hannah_Dawson-1 HaNa_Corey-2 Gwyneth_Stoica Eri_Nishimura-2 Emma_Cullen-1 Emily_Wright Emily_Wright-2 Ellie_Parker-3 Ellie_Parker-2 DRE_0002 David_Birinberg-2 Daphne_Roy-2 Danika_Levesque Daniel_Orlesky Daniel_Kreft Corey_Circelli-2 Connelly_Hogarth-1 Clara_Campbell-1 Christina_Hugo-1 Christian_Reekie-2 Chris_Bernek-1 Chloe_Ouimet Chloe_Choinard Chloe_Bondar-1 Charlotte_Cyr Cassandra_Poulin Carly_Turner Carly_Turner-2 Cara_Pekos-2 Camilya_Roy-2 Cameron_Hines-1 Bruce_Waddell-2 Auurora_Cotop Audrey_Carle Arianne_Lebrecque Annie_Zhang Angelique_Bernard Angela_Patrick Amanda_Stan-2 Amanda_Stan-1 Alison_Schumacher-1 Alexis_Dion-2 Alexanne_Boullion Alexander_Buchmann Alaine_Chartrand-1

Championnats d’été et volet international 2014

To my excitement, I was chosen to photograph the Quebec Summer Championships in Pierrefonds, QC this August. For those who don’t know, the summer championship draws over 700 skaters from all over Quebec, Ontario and the world. It is a unique competition, in that it has the skaters who are slated to compete internationally in junior and senior in separate groups, which are judged by an international panel. This year there were skaters from Canada, USA, Poland, Switzerland, and Australia, as well as a few other countries that I’ve long forgotten. The competition runs Thursday-Sunday over 4 rinks – which is huge!

Overall it was a fabulous weekend of skating and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Danielle Earl Photography in the Quebec section! See below for a few photos from the event!

If you would like to view and/or purchase photos taken at the championnats d’éte et volet international, click here and it will take you on over! Please note that at this moment we are still filling in the gaps in our uploads so not all of the photos are there quite yet!

Special thanks to the great group of people that made this weekend possible: Irene Earl (Desk Manager), Kristy Wills (Photographer), Jeff Mulder (Photographer), Audrey Croteau-Villeneuve (Sales Associate), Laura Mueller (Photographer).

_DRE0009 _DRE0010 _DRE0024 _DRE0033 _DRE0034 _DRE0038 _DRE0042 _DRE0045 _DRE0047 _DRE0052 _DRE0056 _DRE0060 _DRE0104 _DRE0110 _DRE0128 DRE_0002 DRE_0003 DRE_0005 DRE_0008 DRE_0014 DRE_0020 DRE_0023 DRE_0025 DRE_0028 DRE_0032 DRE_0035 DRE_0056 DRE_0080 DRE_0115 DRE_0120 DRE_0158 DRE_0180 DRE_0251 DRE_0257 DRE_0264 DRE_1416 DRE_1997 DRE_2662 DRE_4127 DRE_6129 DSC_0031 DSC_0101 DSC_1021 DSC_1406 DSC_5025 DSC_8005

Minto Summer Skate 2014

For the second year in a row, I was lucky enough to photograph Minto Summer Skate, which is hosted by the Minto Skating Club around the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August. This competition is usually my first look at everyone’s new programs for the season and this year was no exception. Over 500 skaters from all over Ontario and Quebec came and showed off their awesome new programs and we got to capture them all on camera. Here is a little look back to the fabulous weekend of skating that took place at the Minto Skating Centre July 31-August 3, 2014. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

If you would like to view and/or purchase your photos from this competition head on over here to check them out!

Thanks to the wonderful team of photographers and sales associates that helped this competition run smoothly: Jennifer Jeranie (photographer), Maddie Germann (Sales Associate), Irene Earl (Desk Manager), and Jeff Mulder (photographer).
If you would like to view an image larger, double click on it!

DRE_0352 DRE_0272 DRE_0226 DRE_0219 DRE_0206 DRE_0201 DRE_0147 DRE_0148 DRE_0149 DRE_0162 DRE_0190 DRE_0198 DRE_0145 DRE_0126 DRE_0109 DRE_0106 DRE_0100 DRE_0098 DRE_0093 DRE_0060 DRE_0087 DRE_0057 DRE_0050 DRE_0083 DRE_0073 DRE_0048 DRE_0072 DRE_0047 DRE_0063 DRE_0043 DRE_0030 DRE_0030 2 DRE_0024 DRE_0023 DRE_0020 DRE_0020 2 DRE_0009 DRE_0016 DRE_0017